Lee Wagstaff


i have two pieces in the upcoming bowie/collector auction at sothebys this november 11th. this auction contains more than 350 artworks from david bowies private collection. my pieces are ´shroud` and ´baptism`. david bowie was the first person i ever sold art to - he bought these from my graduation show in 2000.

“the emergence of lee’s image on the shroud elevates him to the status of a surrogate divine seemingly without the intervention of God. it comes off as both disquietingly heroic and at the same time spiritually arrogant” - david bowie.

derwent art prize

my graphite work ´evil` won second prize at this years derwent art prize.

barker & baumecker

for the last month or so i have been working on artwork and portraits to accompany sam barker and andreas baumeckers new music projects here is the first ep and digital sculptures made from 3d scans

love hertz / cipher 12"

ostgut ton | zehn

10 years of berghains record label - 10 12" records - I designed number 6

the last adam

preparation for my final show .......

kobosil 12"

we printed these with reflective ink @ RISE